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Help yourself, family and friends be pain free

Learn how to use your hands and the power of touch with Reflexology

Learn Reflexology at Focus On Healing Wellness Institute, and learn how to use it as a solution for addiction-free pain relief.  Whether you need pain relief for yourself or to help a family member or friend we’ve got Reflexology online training programs and services you can use to achieve that goal.

Founded in 1985 under the guidance and direction of Dr. Njideka Olatunde, who has over 30 year’s experience, helping healthcare and non-healthcare professionals learn Reflexology used to relieve pain for optimum health and wellness.

At FOH our focus is introducing Reflexology as an emergency pain relief first aid for individuals, families and organizations. By providing an easy way to learn Reflexology online using proven techniques to relieve pain at home, work or anywhere, is how we do it.

reflexology training Online

You can learn Reflexology online and use basic and effective Reflexology techniques for yourself and your family. Our Reflexology training online classes and programs above all else will get you started immediately with the same Reflexology techniques used by the original masters of this wonderful healing art…

Egyptian Reflexology Therapy

Learn the Egyptian Reflexology Therapy Method™, which can be traced back to Egypt where Reflexology originated. Focus On Healing Wellness Institute teaches the Egyptian Reflexology Therapy Method™, also taught to healthcare professionals, by Reflexology Master and Chronic Pain Relief Educator, Njideka N. Olatunde, ND, MSW, PhD         


At Focus On Healing Wellness Institute we’re very proud of our Online Reflexology training program and even more, the Egyptian Reflexology Therapy Method™ certificate program trains and prepares you with skills, applications and techniques to relieve pain. Finally our online training program is available to everyone who wants to learn Reflexology. The power of touch heals…


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