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A Different online learning Approach

When you learn Reflexology at Focus On Healing Wellness Institute, we believe everyone, should have the opportunity to do it. We provide Reflexology training for individuals and practitioners. Our programs support self knowledge and therapeutic for desired Reflexology education goals.

Focus On Healing Wellness Institute is on a MISSION to TRAIN, PROMOTE and EDUCATE the community on Reflexology for wellness and a better quality of life.

To achieve our mission our Reflexology training focuses on:

  • Providing effective training materials and techniques to support students learning style.
  • Giving meaning and value to Reflexology as a healthcare and wellness therapy.
  • Setting worldwide standards on the cultural connection of integrating Reflexology with healthcare and wellness.
  • Providing basic information and training on how to use Reflexology effectively for optimum health and wellness


Though our services and programs focus specifically on Reflexology, we pride ourselves in giving our students exactly what they want in an online learning experience. We do the following:

  • Listen
  • Acknowledge
  • Care
  • Encourage
  • Praise

Our students don’t just learn Reflexology they learn to use the power of touch in their hands as a wellness tool.

Quality with value

Because we listened to the request for learning basic Reflexology we designed a program to do just that. Since, Reflexology has a benefit  everyone wants, it was easy  to create a basic Reflexology training program that focuses directly on pain relief, which is the Egyptian Reflexology Therapy Method™, our basic Reflexology training program.

Not only did we listen to what the students wanted we listened to what the community wanted, medication and addiction-free pain relief. Reflexology does just that. Teaching how to relieve pain using Reflexology is a skill that is easy to learn by teens to seniors.

We believe that every family, on the job, in the schools and universities someone should know basic Reflexology for pain relief. Teaching the Egyptian Reflexology Therapy Method™ is how we achieve this goal.

Although you can learn basic Reflexology online and offline the difference is learning the exact techniques upon completion of the training, you are RPR (Reflexology Pain Relief) trained with specialized skills in using Reflexology to relieve pain.


Mazie C.

“Njideka gives her students an unbelievable amount of information, time and energy. Her ability to teach Reflexology in a way that makes learning stress free and fun is a gift”

Michael j.

“The reflexology training program was so clarifying for me and was just what I was looking for!”

Mary S.

“Thank you Njideka! I have lots and lots of gratitude and appreciation for for the reflexology training I received. Thank you for creating such an amazing program with such high and loving energy. It all seems natural to me now because the training was easy to learn and understand.”

Larry N.

“Njideka is an excellent teacher. I really enjoyed learning reflexology from her”.


Focus On Healing Wellness Institute opened its doors in 1985 as a preventive health information and service referral center for alternative/complementary practitioners.

In 1992 we taught our first Reflexology certification training program. Since that time our training program grew from teaching anyone who wanted to learn Reflexology to teaching certification classes in beauty schools, massage therapy schools, community colleges and continuing education for traditional and non-traditional healthcare practitioners.

From our humble beginnings as a pioneer in introducing the community to Reflexology has evolved from teaching basic Reflexology to being a premier training program and advocate for Reflexology as a pain relief therapy complementary/non-traditional healthcare practitioners can integrate into their practices.

the visionary

Njideka N. Olatunde, PhD, ND, MSW, CRI

Njideka is an Entrepreneur and Naturopath practitioner who has mastered the art of Reflexology for optimum health and wellness. Dr Olatunde brings to her students 30+ years of training and knowledge nationally and internationally in the field of Reflexology. As an instructor and educator her Reflexology classes are informative, inspiring, empowering and student focused.