Frugal Living During a

Healthcare Crisis

Because of the coronavirus a change in lifestyle is now happening. The major concern right now is how to survive the economic crunch and avoid catching the virus.

Are you scared of facing an economy downfall and everything you worked for is dwindling down to nothing? Each day do you awake feeling like you are at poverty’s dying door. While in this dark tunnel all you hear is, the only way out is to change your spending habits, stop using the credit cards, save money and spend less. The question is what does all this mean? It means an attitude change is needed.

It’s a fact the coronavirus is forcing you to change your spending habits and that means learning how to live frugal. Just hearing that word, suggests unpleasant thoughts associated with depriving myself and living on a poverty budget.

The truth is frugal living is a lifestyle change that moves you into living a better quality of life. Look at it this way you will be trading in your stressful high standard of living for a higher quality and simpler lifestyle standard without all the stress.

Frugal living puts the “F” back in life (fun, fabulous and fortune). You can begin to really enjoy the game of life by playing against yourself. You will always be in the winner seat as you find ways to spend and save money at the same time.

How do we start this game…

You can begin with your utility bills:

  • Simply look to see if I can really lower my electric bill. Looked at your heating and air condition costs. Don’t forget your driving expenses. What about those fast food meals you can cut back and begin eating a real meal. Your body will be very appreciative!




 Frugal Living Isn’t An Easy Task


It can be painful at times because it is about making some lifestyle changes. To change a lifestyle means you must change your attitude, so think of it like cleaning house. It is something that has to be done.

The truth is the end results is, it can be a good experience, or it can be bad one. With a negative attitude it will not work, and you will fail.

See frugal living as a challenge and you will not let it defeat you. You are set on winning this game because the reward is a much improved financial lifestyle that can be stress-free.

Take Back Your Financial Control

It is noted by many financial professionals when people gain control of their money, they gain control of their lives. The reason is with self-control you stop the financial hemorrhaging. You begin to see life and material things differently.

Look at this way, the virus has revealed its game plan, by affecting the economy and frugal living is the winning card.

It’s your call and to live frugally because of lack of cash flow or you just need a money management plan, begin with making a money mind set change, by reducing your expenses one item at a time and then move on to the next.

When you changed your thinking and attitude, you live life fully. Accepting the frugal challenge and change your spending habits to the things that give meaning and value to you and your life.        

Let the outcome of the coronavirus be a good thing for you and your financial well being!


Here at Focus on Healing, we care about the patient’s journey from beginning to end. It’s our goal to educate others about wellness and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Let’s connect, we loved to hear from you!

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