Learn Reflexology Online is seen as not possible. The number 1 question asked is “How do you teach Reflexology online?  The answer is, the same way you teach Reflexology offline, the only difference is “Location”


How Do You Learn reflexology OnLine?

The online Reflexology training program is customized to meet the student’s learning style and personal schedule.

Students who work or take of family training online works according to your lifestyle.

  • The classes are recorded on video for your convenience.
  • An online training program eliminates travel to and from class. No commuting saves travel time and money.
  • All training materials (videos, MP3, and Teleseminars) are internet-based which is cost-effective.
  • Don’t understand a lesson, Q & A sessions available with the Instructor
  • The class quiz is not stressful or difficult like offline training programs
  • Course material and support is available 24 hours a day
  • One-on-One attention provided that’s not available in offline training programs. 

Online learning is the way of the future thanks to technology. 

Many organizations, universities, schools, and businesses offer classes online. Research has found classes online is the number choice for students and educators.

If not successful training online it is because of failure to spend the time in the online class.

How does Focus On Healing Wellness Institute teach Reflexology Online?

  • Utilizing state of the art delivery of training and materials, with videos and MP3  allows you to watch and listen as often as you want.
  • The course training materials can be download and print if you prefer a hard copy.
  • Providing handouts, charts, and class transcripts to enhance and support what you learn.
  • Each lesson builds upon each other for successful learning in the training program.
  • Webinars and teleseminars are available, with the Instructor.
  • Student support and help is available 24/7 to achieve the desired Reflexology training goal 
  • One-on-one consultation available with your Instructor an added plus in building confidence and completing the program

How long is the online Reflexology training program?

A great student benefit of learning Reflexology online is attending class when they want to based on their personal time schedule.

  • The program is 5 weeks of training.
  • Most students complete the program in 1 to 2 months.
  • Allowed completion time is 4 months –  completion depends on how much time you have each week to do your classwork.

How Do you get your Online Reflexology certificate?

  • Enroll in the 5-week online training program
  • Complete the weekly training assignments
  • Attend the Q & A webinar training (which are record)
  • Pass Training program Quiz (which you will because it is not stressful)

Footnote: This is not a Reflexology “certification” training class.

What will I learn in the course?

Students enrolling in the Online Reflexology training program will learn the Egyptian Reflexology Therapy Method™. The training will include:

  • History & Theory of Reflexology
  • Zone Therapy
  • Hand and Foot Mapping
  • Hand and Foot Reflexology Technique
  • Hands-on Reflexology Application
  • Useful Surprise Bonus Training Specials

All the class training handouts, helpful resource, and support materials as well as Reflexology hands-on training instructions are included in the training materials.

Who enrolls and is attracted to this course?

  • Men and women from all walks of life, with a genuine desire to learn Reflexology and want to help others, are attracted to this course.
  • Our Egyptian Reflexology Therapy Method™ online training program is available to any student worldwide.


Will I get a Certificate?

  • Yes! Focus On Healing Wellness Institute gives its students a Reflexology Pain Relief (RPR) certificate of training showing you have been trained in the Egyptian Reflexology Therapy Method™ for emergency pain relief first aid using Reflexology.

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